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Natural History collection

Natural History collection

Natural history collection of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Voivodina Province represents a bridge between nature conservation and museum activities. Natural history material which was collected served as a foundation for overviewing natural values of our country and emphasised the need for nature preservation and conservation.

Nowadays the total fund of natural history material consists of more than 25,000 museum units classified into the study collections: geological-paleontological, mineralogical and petrological, botanical, entomological, ichtyological, herpetological,ornithological and terriological collection.

In the rich study and memorial collections there are representatives of vanished, rare and threatened species, significant for overviewing the historical component and biodiversity conservation.

Numerous geological-paleontological localities and profiles which represent segments in geological past of Serbia, are no longer available for research. Traces of their existence have been saved due to the material from collections and archived documentation, so that they give evidence of geodiversity in these areas and indicate constant changes that happen in nature.

Natural history collections are used for education and raising awareness of the need for conservation and preservation of bio and geodiversity.

Natural history collection includes the following collections:

  • Geological-paleontological collection
  • Mineralogical and petrological collection
  • Botanical collection
  • Entomological collection
  • Ichtyological collection
  • Herpetological collection
  • Ornithological collection
  • Terriological collection

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