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Activity of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Voivodina Province

Activity of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Voivodina Province

The Institute works as an establishment, in accordance with the regulations of public services, and performs acts of protection of the nature and natural resources as determined by the Law of Nature Conservation (“Official Gazzette or the Republic of Serbia” No. 36/2009, 88/2010, 91/2010), Provincial Assembly decision on the establishment of the Institute for Nature Conservation ( Official Gazzette of Autonomous Province of Voivodina, No. 2/2010) and the Statute of the Institute for Nature Conservation of Voivodina Province (“Official Gazzette of Autonomous Province of Voivodina, No. 9/2010).

The Institute for Nature Conservation of Voivodina Province works on the territory of AP Voivodina. The activity of the Institute is derived from the provisions of the articles 102, 103 and 104 of the Law of Nature Conservation, as well as the Statute of The Institute. Work of nature conservation refers to:

  • collecting and processing data about nature and natural values;
  • following the conditions and estimated level of nature conservation and the degree of vulnerability of the objects of geoheritage, wild species and their habitats, types of habitats, ecosystems, ecologically significant areas, protected areas, ecological corridors, ecological networks and regions;
  • preparation of studies which determine the values of the areas suggested for protection and means of the protected area management;
  • preparation of the act proposal for the termination of area protection;
  • preparation of the proposal for the area protection beforehand;
  • providing conditions for works on protected natural resources, issuing opinion on the plan of protected area management;
  • expert supervision on the protected natural resources with the proposal of measures;
  • offering expert assistance to the managers of the protected natural resources, to local self-government bodies, associations of citizens, groups of citizens and individuals for the protection of nature, regions and natural resources;
  • determining the conditions and measures of nature protection and natural values within the process of preparation and implementation of the spacial and urban plans, project documentation, bases (forest, hunting, fishing, waterpower engineering, etc), programmes and strategies in all activities which affect nature;
  • performing expert work in the process of the estimation of acceptability of the works and activities in the nature, preparation and implementation of the projects and programmes on the protected area;
  • proposing the scope and content of the feasibility studies and estimation of the influence on the environment in the process of reintroduction and settlement of the wild species in the free nature;
  • keeping records of the way and scope of using, as well as factors of endangering/threatening the protected and strictly protected wild species for determining and following their population conditions;
  • participating in the process of public access in order to proclaim the protected natural resources;
  • organising and implementing the educational and promotional activities in the nature protection by designing and organising exibitions, thematic discussions, seminars, lectures – issuing publications and other regular or occasional public media etc;
  • participating in the implementation of ratified international contracts about nature conservation;
  • keeping the registry of protected natural resources and other data significant for nature conservation;
  • inventorying of individual elements of geological, biological and regional diversity with statistical analyses and reports about their condition;
  • keeping a databank in the area of nature protection as a part of unique informational system of the Agency for nature conservation;
  • informing the public about natural values, nature conservation, its vulnerability, factors and consequences of endangerment;
  • performing other activities determined by the law.
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